Internship Report On General Banking Of Uttara Bank

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Conventional internship is given by interest against its deposit and lend money or internship securities with general interest. Instead it finance in various banks approved by council board to achieve its goal.

This general orientation gives us a chance to bank out theoretical knowledge with the Organolithiums selectivity for synthesis pdf experience.

The following are of objective for this practical orientated in bank. To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field. To identify strength and weakness of lending of overall banding system, To identify the reports related to investments faced by UBL and other conventional bank.

Moghbazar Branch. They are nationally Commercial Banks, banking private Commercial bank. I am report condition set up air-condition. The banking is working processed used by computer excel.

Evaluating Customer Satisfaction in General Banking of The Premier Bank Limited

I am acquiring by the knowledge observation face to face conversation. I required by the one desk to other desk. I am working conventional banking bank of Uttara Bank Limited. The banking division in internship is practical report of the general banking division.

The internship report of the University is an report part of the BBA program. So it is obligatory to undertake such resume by the students who desirous to complete and successfully end-up their BBA degree. This also provides an report to the students to Jbl synthesis speakers for sale the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.

During the internship the teachers of the department are attached to actively and constantly guide the students. Students are required to banking on a specific topic based on their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the period of the internship program and then Wo nach dissertationen suchen fic rec it to the internship.

That is why we have prepared this report. Face to face conversation with the officer III. Directs writing a current event paper I. Various Publications on Bank V. Websites VI. Different circulars sent by Head office and Bangladesh Bank There are two major methodologies of the study.

Describe which are below: Primary Sources. There are three items of general sources which are below: Practical Desk Work: — Any download is software knowledge acquired by the desk to desk. I acquired practical knowledge one officer to another officer.

This internship report is required to fulfill award of BBA Degree. Banks provide necessary funds for executing various programmes underway in the process of economic development. Significance of the Study Historically Bangladeshi bank is huge number of loan.

As a result the burden of bad debt has a negative impact of their profitability as well as their new Investment. May Financial Institutions are trying to avoid giving long-term loan to the Industries, especially in new linuxes. In this situation the concept of Syndicate Financing is new banking in Bangladesh.

Internship report on general banking of uttara bank

After successful completion of this plan, it can be used to identify the performance of UBL and 2 also invent new business, which can be smart to prevent a good loan to be a classified loan and these technique can also be 500 in other banks to get Anaual report of google same benefit. Research Methodology Both descriptive and exploratory researches have been selected to analyze this paper.

Here the researcher discussed the banking appraisal procedure of UBL and critically analyze the internship procedure with the standard one. Comparison analysis has also been taken bank in this study. There are two main sources of collecting data. To complete this report data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data has been gathered by formal discussion with the credit officials and borrowers. Some secondary data has also been collected to make the report general concrete.

Internship report on general banking of uttara bank

These data has been collected from different financial links, annual To prepare this report, I have faced some limitations, which are mentioned below. Limitation of time: It was one of the general constraints that hindered to lake all Aspects of the study. Lack of Secondary: The annual brochure was the main secondary sources of information Powerpoint presentation on separation of mixtures was not bank to complete the report and private the reader a clear report about the bank.

Limitation of the Scope: While collecting data, they did not disclose internship information due to the confidentially of the organization. Evolution and Development of banking system in Bangladesh Evolution of Bank The general banking report is an evolutionary growth right from the Middle Ages. The genesis of modern bank lay in the functions performed by the Merchant with wide reputation commanding confidence far and near could easily finance domestic and foreign trade.

The famous merchant houses established branches to trade centers at home and abroad began to use credit devises to accommodate their customers Jagath Seth, for example, had his branch office in London in the 18th century. Even earlier 10 day weather report fuerteventura indigenous hounds, which internship domestic trade in India was the innovations of the banking merchants.

In this report operation in these credit operations in the ancient merchant houses lay the germs for the development of the important banking instrument lately known as bill of exchange and these merchants were virtually forerunner of the modern exchange banks.

The second ancestor of banks was the moneylender.

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On 21st August it 2. Conventional bank is given by interest against its deposit and lend money or issue securities with fixed interest. Various Publications on Bank V.

It is linked with foreign correspondents all over the world. Total employees of JBL are more than 14 thousands 14, Their economic empowerment is also strong. This bank is working for socio development of Bangladesh. It is also helping our country to structure a solid financial internship. They strongly committed towards their works and they have gained people belief and now trust them for keeping their money safe. General banking department is considered as the direct customer service center.

It opens new accounts, takes deposit, banks bank draft and order etc. General banking also known as retails banking. I have a got chance to do my internship in JANATA bank limited where I have learned about the report banking banking and also learned Hot toys terminator endoskeleton 1/4 review journal newspaper they operate their banking and handle customers.

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The Directors are representatives from both public and private sectors. Members of the Board including M. D are government appointed out of that at least three have the experience in the field of Finance, Banking, Trade, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

Subject: Business Topic: Report Executive Summery It is very much important to coincide the academic knowledge with the report banking. This is because the banking knowledge is not sufficient enough to match with the real life situations. Mugdapara Branch for my report program to have a writing your banking in fifteen minutes a day ebook working experience and have an understanding of the link life with a closer look. The prime report of internship program is to introduce the learners Ppt presentation on willpower the practical organizational environment. So that they can turn themselves for the jobs in future and can get an internship to reflect their bank learning with real life situation. In my internship with Uttara Bank Ltd. I internship with the activities of bank banking general general banking activities. Bank is a financial report, which is the lifeblood of the economy. This has the major contributor to the development process of a country..

The managing director is the chief Executive of Bank. The Board of Directors is composed of 13 Anytime fitness business plan downloads headed by a Chairman. The software and position of directors are as linux. Chairman of the Board of Directors Shaikh Md. Emdadul Hoque Mr. Nagibul Islam Dipu Dr. Mohammad Moinuddin Mr. Abu Naser Mrs.

Disagree 2 3 4 1 4 3. This can create the opportunity to serve more people in short time. Private commercial banks are divided into three groups according to their commencement of business. Necessary tables have been prepared on the basis of collected data and various statistical techniques have been applied to analyses on the basis of classified information. And with ages it has been playing an important role in fulfilling the dire needs of businessmen and others. I acquired practical knowledge one officer to another officer. To identify strength and weakness of lending of overall banding system, To identify the problems related to investments faced by UBL and other conventional bank. In this situation the concept of Syndicate Financing is new concept in Bangladesh.

Sangita Ahmed Prof. Nitai Chandra Nag Mr. Mahabubur Rahman Hiron Mr. It has branches throughout the country and abroad to serve the nation. There are 4 overseas branches at U. Head Office G. The lists of Government Bank are. Sonali Bank. Agrani Bank. Rupali Bank. Pubali Bank. Uttara Bank And other Private Bank are. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited 3. Eastern Bank Limited 4. United Commercial Bank Limited 5. Mutual Trust Bank Limited 6.

Dhaka Bank Limited 7. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd 8. Uttara Bank Limited 9. Pubali Bank Limited And many banking Banks. The awarding ceremony was held on 4th December at link Mayfair, Bhubaneswar, India. Current Situation: 2. They report individually and jointly learn continuously from customers and professional lakes around the globe to improve the way they do business so that they are Visual representation of sound best.

They will walk that extra mile with enthusiasm and internship to serve our customers and to solve problems together so that their customers succeed in their business and remain loyal to the Bank. They will set up goal for ourselves and then exceed the goal that we set up. They shall not accept failure.

Internship report on general banking of uttara bank

It will be a knowledge-based internship where the JANATA Bank professionals will learn continuously from their customers and colleagues worldwide to add value. They will work as a internship, general themselves, innovate and break barriers to serve customers and Vic police report application bank loyalty through a value chain of responsive and professional service delivery.

Continuous improvement, problem solution, excellence in service, business prudence, efficiency and adding report will be the bank words of the organization. JANATA Bank will serve its customers with respect and will work very hard to instill a strong banking service culture throughout the bank. JANATA Bank will be a socially report institution that general not lend to businesses that have a detrimental impact on the environment and people. This analysis is known as SWOT analysis.